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Plainr is focused on servicing financial services teams, created by a team with decades of experience working with some of the largest global companies in industry.

We aggregate financial services specific unstructured and structured data to train and fine tune large language models and machine learning models.

Reliable, Transparent and Customisable engines and models to support your work.


News flow & Key investment data

Save time and effort scanning through financial news flow and traditional company data.

How do you see patterns clearly?

Do smart work with Plainr


Social & Consumer Data

Continuously changing social trends and behaviours significantly impact companies and markets. 

How do you keep up with all the information?

Do smart work with Plainr


Proprietary data

Lots of data but no single platform to help your teams accomplish their goals faster and more efficiently.

How do you transform your proprietary data into smart tools for your front office functions?

Do smart work with Plainr
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Get the guiding intelligence for every function
Investment Analysis
Wealth Advisory
Private Asset Analysis
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market intelligence

Turn market data into intelligence

From unstructured to structured; historic and real time, we accelerate actionable intelligence generation from vast amount of data in no time. Apply the intelligence easily to public markets portfolios and private assets portfolios.

Your interpretation is your alpha.

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company intelligence

Make qualitative company analysis come to life

Distill companies by the minute. Marry historic fundamental data with real time data - private or public - to gather intelligence and track patterns in no time. Do more with less time.

Save time, increase productivity.

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For Developers

Start exploring our APIshere.

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